Holiday Apartment Hunter's House

  Wine trade Frihmess

The wine trade Frihmess offers tourists as well as locals a wide range of regional wines from the mountain road. Centrally located at the entrance of the prince's camp, the wine trade is ideally located to take a walk through the vineyards and then, inspired by the vines, to replenish its wine stock.
We look forward to your visit at the wine trade Frihmess in Bachgasse 101

Telephone: 0152 32766585

Café Luise

In the large-scale ducal hunter's house.

Tuesday is opened till Sunday of from 9:00 to 14:00 o'clock.
Monday is a rest day.

Blauer Aff

Since 1861 there is the comfortable restaurant in Auerbach which is known in general as the "Blue Monkey".




MSC Bensheim-Auerbach e. V.

There is our nice mini-golf arrangement since 1962, she lies directly with the crown park in the Bensheimer part of town 
Auerbach. It exist there two 18-roads courses: Original mini-golf (12-m-long concrete roads) and also miniature golf (6-m roads with steel frame).





Experience the maximum in fun and rest in Südhessens to the most modern leisure bath.
On account of sportsmen or family with children, from the oldest up to the smallest possible, in the Bensheimer Basinus bath it is offered for everybody a little bit.





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