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20 nicest wanderings all around Bensheim
20 nicest bicycle tours all around Bensheim

The prince's camp (Fürstenlager) was built about 1790 by the landgraves and Grand Dukes of Hessen-Darmstadt in an idyllic side valley of brook Auer. All buildings like stranger's construction and gentleman's construction, prince's construction and ladies' construction, guards and draws are received nearly consistently. In the big park exotic trees and plants load in order to go for a walk one.

The rock sea (Felsenmeer) on the rock mountain in the pure valley above from imperial brook in the front ode wood is a rock scenery from dark grey Quarzdiorit which originated from woollen bag decomposition. The rock sea was already used by the Romans and later by the local stonecutters to the stone production.

The Auerbacher castle in the mountain road is a ruined castle which is one of the most imposing and mightiest castles in the southern Hessen. Besides, for over 300 years a botanical specific feature is rooted by aerial height: A small pine resists wind and weather and digs her gnarled roots in the scanty castle wall. One is hardly able to fancy what this tree everything has "seen". As a cultural monument the Auerbacher castle stands under conservation of monuments and historic buildings.

Both distances run in coarse trains in parallel from the zeppelin hut above the known „dead man“ up to the former Marmoritgelände in the entrance to the town of Bensheim-Hochstädten. They are in 1100 or 1300 metres long and lead 130 metres height talwärts. The distances are anew put on to 70% completely without using available ways. Remaining 30% enclose essentially the formerly unlawful, original Fuchstrail which is completely renovated, and, in addition, about 100 metres formerly of wild distance in the entrance of the Flowtrail with the zeppelin hut. Air time gets with a variety of high jump buildings the demanding "red" Freeride-Trail richly, adjoining owners shout after speed, Step-Ups and the way through of the so-called depression provide for adrenalin. The "blue" Flowtrail is also for less experienced drivers a pleasure. He offers steps and smaller jumps or drops which runs over everybody either, or can become drive. In the lower part becomes of the Flowtrail the funny Anaconda. For the drive from the distance end in the Marmorit to the zeppelin hut there are several alternatives above forest ways.



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